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Health & Safety Leader - Temporary

Villesse, Friaul-Julisch Venetien - Standort erkunden Health & Safety Vollzeit



You are punctual, precise and results focused, never compromising on quality or integrity. Your colleagues and stakeholders, that you cross paths with daily, know that they can rely on you and your work, and your moral compass is aligned with that of Ingka Centres, so you build honest and collaborative relationships with ease to facilitate current and future objectives.

For the past 5+ years you have worked in Safety & Security space so you are clear on how to assess and mitigate risks in a business environment and have done this for a large organization, which has developed your leadership and management skills. Disruptive and unexpected events don’t surprise you anymore, it’s part of a job that you know well and able to adapt to changes without interrupting the business. Sounds like you?

In addition, you have a sound knowledge of:
• Excellent knowledge of the business processes and the customer needs to improve the business constantly
• National/local legal requirements
• How to take into account safety and security measures when planning activates, events or likewise
• Knowledge of accident and incident report tools and procedures in order to record unusual events to ensure correct- event occurrence and rules for liability issues
• Excellent communication skills and a good level of English language


You will lead a proactive and comprehensive health, safety and security management to protect the value of our meeting places in TIARE Shopping Centre, people and reputation of the company and ensure that our places are safe for our employees, for customers and for all people in the centres.
As a Safety & Security Leader at Ingka Centres, you will act as a strong Risk Management and Complience advisor for the Meeting place management team with active contribution towards improvement of Meeting Place operational results, Customer Experience and Asset value by partnering with Meeting Place stakeholders to ensure budgeting accuracy and managing convenient customer flow and compliance verification activities. You will ensure a safe and secure environment for all people in centres and Company’s assets in daily operation and major rebuilds through training, audits, inspections and follow up.
Additionally, you will take lead of setting-up, maintaining and pro-actively coordinate the Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management Plans within the Meeting Place team. Secure effective incident and crisis handling including registration, root cause analysis and loss estimation and the claim for insurance compensation.

Moreover, you will:

• Improve the Meeting Place operational result by having necessary preventative measures, continuous plans for streamlining business processes, reducing fraud and securing and protecting INGKA Centres assets
• Work in partnership with the Meeting Place Management Team and country Business risk and compliance team to prevent and implement ABC controls, including co-worker misconduct, information security, supporting internal investigations, 3rd parties screening (due diligence), pre-employment background check in an effective, efficient and according to relevant Group guidelines
• Work together with the Country Business Risk and Compliance Organization to ensure INGKA standards, Risk Management frameworks as well as legal demands are followed
• Build strong relationship with relevant stakeholders (external partners, anchor tenants) and synchronize efforts and activities where necessary, maintain relations with all the public security authorities of the community (police, fire brigade etc.).

In this role you will report to the Meeting Place Manager at Tiare Shopping Centre and be based in Villesse, Italy.


Together with IKEA Retail and Investments, Ingka Centres is part of the Ingka Group,

We’ve embarked on an exciting journey to transform our shopping centres into destinations always anchored by IKEA, and that go way beyond shopping, offering a carefully selected series of activities, events and initiatives tailored to the needs of the communities that surround them.
That’s what we call “meeting places”.

As a long-term partner of IKEA, we share our vision, our culture and our values, while what makes our businesses different is the way we fulfil our vision. If the idea of IKEA is to create a better life at home, we work hard to create a better everyday life outside of the home by developing virtual and physical meeting places where people can meet shop, and connect with their communities.

We have big plans for the future that involve expanding to new locations, opening smaller-scale concepts closer to the city centres, digitalisation, and most of all, living up to shared sustainability goals. We’re constantly looking for energetic, purpose-led and creative people who’d like to join us on our journey to create meeting places around the world.

Sounds exciting? There’s a lot more to know about us! Take a look at our website, read our stories and try to imagine how you can be part of our team helping us reach our goals!


The Safety & Security Leader role sits within our Operations domain whose purpose is to optimise the meeting place experience for the many people to drive visitation to the Meeting Places and IKEA. Deliver sustainable business growth for our Partners and Meeting Places utilizing visitation and positive customer experience. Achieve operational results and drive efficiency improvements. Enhance commercial performance, brand value and sustainability performance of the Meeting Places.

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