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Nantong, Jiangsu Sheng - Standort erkunden Produktion Vollzeit


Company description

IKEA Industry Nantong is part of the Flatline unit of IKEA Industry Group. It is located in the New & High-tech Industry Development Zone, Nantong, Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of around 140, 000 square meters and has about 400 co-workers. Industry Nantong was established in 2012, and officially went into production in September, 2013. It is a highly automated furniture production demonstration company invested by IKEA Industry Group in China. Since its opening, Industry Nantong has been committed to realising the IKEA vision, and providing customers with home furnishing products with good quality and affordable prices. The company has created a high-quality, high-performing and competitive furniture manufacturing factory with measures that increase efficiency and reduce costs such as developing new materials, investing in new technologies, improving standardised processes. In terms of sustainable development, Industry Nantong actively respond to the call of the nation and fulfill its social responsibilities. In 2015, with the support of IKEA Industry Group, it invested 28 million RMB in solar photovoltaic power generation, generating power of 3.5 million kWh annually, achieving an annual reduction of CO2 emissions by 3,600 tons. All raw and packaging materials used by the factory are FSC certified, ensuring that the wood comes from quality managed and sustainably developed forests; and the factory is also committed to turning production waste into treasure, with a waste reuse rate of 95%. In recent years, Industry Nantong has been awarded the title of "Top 100 Enterprise" by Tongzhou District, Nantong City for several years in a row. In 2016, it was awarded "Smart Manufacturing Workshop of Jiangsu Province"; in 2019, it was awarded the advanced “Authorized Enterprise Organisation (AEO)”; and in 2020, it was awarded the "Level 2 Safe Production Standardised Enterprise". In the future, IKEA Industry Nantong will continue to practice our business idea of " offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them”, ensuring that the production process is safe and green, constantly improving our certifications and management systems, adhering to the unique IKEA culture and values, and striving to become a model for the home furnishing industry.

宜家工业南通工厂隶属于宜家工业集团平板事业部。公司位于江苏省南通市高新技术产业开发区,占地约14万平方米,员工数约400名。工厂于2012年初成立,2013年9月正式投产运营 ,是宜家工业集团在中国投资的一家高自动化家具生产示范企业。 



       在近年的优质企业评比中,南通工厂连续多年被南通市通州区授予“百强企业”称号;2016年被评为 “江苏省智能制造车间” ;2019年获得海关贸易安全高级认证(AEO);2020年被评为 “二级安全生产标准化企业” 。

工厂不会止步于此,未来我们将继续践行“提供种类繁多,美观实用,老百姓买得起的家居用品” 的经营理念, 确保生产环节安全绿色环保,不断完善各项认证和管理体系,秉承宜家独特的企业文化和价值观,力争成为家具行业的楷模。

Job description

1.      任何操作基于安全第一执行;Everything I do, I do it safely;

2.      不接收不良品、不制造不良品、不流出不良品;Don’t accept the defective products, do not create defective products, do not out of defective products;

3.       开机,关机,遵守挂牌上锁相关规定;Start-up and closing down, compliance with lock out & tag out policy;

4.      使用测量仪器,确保切割材料尺寸的正确与质量; Use measuring instrument, Make sure cutting material correct size and good quality;

5.      对工具、量具及其他点检项目进行确认、校准;Check and calibrate whole jigs, tools before start work;

6.      做好检验记录和生产记录;Make inspection records and production records;

7.      更新各种生产数据; Update production data;

8.      作机器的初步保养;1st level of maintenance;

9.      保证本班生产计划的完成;Ensure achieve  shift production plan;

10.   按质量、成本等要求来做;According to the quality and cost requirements to do;

11.   保证工作有序进行;In good order to work;

12.   与下道工序保持良好衔接,及时提供合格产品;Keep good cohesion and procedure, to provide ok products in time;

13.   收集准确的生产数据,保证系统内数据更新;Fill in related forms in time, keep data update;

14.   检验、更新区域废料记录;Inspect、updata Scrap record;

15.   根据机器情况安排维修,生产线简单故障的排除;Arrange repair according to the machine, troubleshoot simple problems on line;

16.   与技术部门和维修部门合作解决问题,改进工作;With the technical department and maintenance department  together to solve problems, improve our work;

17.   按生产标准作业;Make sure operators follow SOS/WI;

18.   使新员工尽快融入团队;Integrate a team very quickly for a new employees;

19.   保证员工按规定规章工作;Ensure that employees work according to rules and regulations;

20.   保证设备按安全规范运行;Ensure the equipment running according to safety regulations;

21.   执行EHS的一切规定;Perform all the rules of EHS;

22.   参与不同的工作改善小组;Participate in different work improvement team;

23.   新员工岗位培训;Provide basic training to new employees;

24.   有人离开生产线时,临时顶替工位; Back up person when anybody gets permit to leave production line;

25.   保证生产现场的5S及员工纪律Keep production site 5S and good discipline;

26.   各种不良品的控制与周转反工;Follow all kinds of defect and quantity of WIP, take care WIP rework;

27.   完成其他上级指派任务.Other work assigned by line manager.

  • Accept 3 shifts 接受三班倒
  • Good at communication 良好的沟通
  • a sense of responsibility and patience 具备责任感与耐心

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