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Goods Flow Manager

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• Good knowledge of store fulfilment performance monitoring and influencing factors.
• Good knowledge of working methods securing excellent quality in all goods flow processes.
• Good knowledge of effective and efficient commercial merchandising principles that make it easy and attractive to shop.
• Good holistic knowledge of the IKEA end-to-end supply chain in order to understand your functions impact and lead with the total value chain in mind.
• Good knowledge of Supply Chain methods, policies and requirements toward the IKEA store and its business partners.
• Knowledge of all relevant standard operating procedures for Goods Flow to keep all co-workers and customers safe.
• Good knowledge of resource planning in accordance with potential sales scenarios, forecast and fulfilment flows allocation.
• Good knowledge of the IKEA Concept, the IKEA Brand Identity and the IKEA Culture & Values


• Work closely with the Logistics Manager and the Sales and Supply Support Manager to secure a living capacity plan and an effective, qualitative and efficient goods flow process.
• This includes goods receiving, replenishment and order fulfilment and enables an excellent customer shopping experience through excellent product quality, commercial merchandising and on time order fulfilment.
• Accountable to ensure that the goods flow team works in compliance with the IKEA code of conduct, all functional relevant SOPs internal IKEA regulations and local legislation relating to health, safety and security and the environment.
• Contribute with relevant goods flow input and feedback to the local business plan and logistics action plan and ensure that these actions are implemented in the goods receiving- replenishment and order fulfilment processes.
• Responsible for sharing knowledge and good examples within your country to support competence development, particularly in the area of effective and efficient goods flow and health and safety in goods handling.
• Being the ambassador of the IKEA Value Chain within the Goods Flow team through securing the objectives and goals stated in the Supply Chain Operational Handbook, respective market operational handbook and service agreements with the Transport Service Providers.
• Accountable for leading the store goods flow team and work in collaboration with Customer relations and ESPs (External Service Providers)/TSPs (Transport Service Providers), and the store Commercial Team to secure the highest goods availability to enable customer order fulfilment at the lowest possible cost.
• Accountable for identifying, recruiting, retaining and developing talents in the goods flow team to secure a diverse, competent and high performing team and future succession.
• Contribute to positioning IKEA Retail and the IKEA Brand as responsible partners in lowering environmental impact by taking relevant actions that contribute to achieving long-term profitability in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
• Live the IKEA values and nurture a strong and thriving IKEA culture that inspires colleagues to reach excellence in daily store fulfilment operations.
• Responsible to secure close cooperation and strong communication with various transport planning departments in order to optimize the Inbound and Outbound deliveries.


To contribute to a great meeting with the customer in all sales channels by ensuring a consistently high availability of our offer, with high quality and at lowest possible total cost. Enabling IKEA to become the world’s leading multichannel home furnishing retailer.

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