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DevOps Engineer | IKEA Home smart

Älmhult, Kronoberg County - Standort erkunden Engineering & Technology Vollzeit


Company description

At Business Area (BA) IKEA Home smart you will join an amazing group of talented, passionate people with an entrepreneurial mind-set who are set on democratizing the smart home.  

We develop smart products to enable a smarter life at home for people all over the world. We are curious and passionate about creating solutions that solve real-life problems and help people realize their dreams. All on their terms. Because we believe everyone deserves a smart home. 

To succeed, we look for new ways of integrating technology and digital solutions into furniture and life at home. We explore opportunities throughout the home, and we work closely together with other Business Areas to both drive transformation of the existing range and develop new smart products to attract new customers to IKEA. We’re still at the beginning – there is lots more to come.  

Job description

At Home smart, we impact millions of customers around the world, every day. We bring home automation and intelligent products to the many people. The cloud is not just how we deliver our service – it’s where we innovate and try to prove our ideas. We own our own delivery and don’t like to deliberate. 

Our empowered teams operate with autonomy and independence. At Home smart, we believe we are lucky to have brought together some of the best and most passionate engineers in the business. 


We are looking for a dedicated leader and champion of DevOps in a Backend/Cloud team.   

  • As Dev, you are going to Develop and set up what is needed to achieve a fully automated delivery chain from dev to production including multiple environments.   
  • As Ops, you will ensure we have the full observability of our backend components and services. Our primary tools today are Cloudwatch, X-ray, and Splunk. 
  • As an Engineer, you will help take the non-functional requirements of the organization (there are plenty) and make them a reality 
  • As DevOps, you champion the DevOps mindset is not just the team to the next level (the mindset is already there), but to all of Home smart.   

Home smart has a strong culture of sharing knowledge and growing together. You will be encouraged to show and demo cool things you learn and build with all of Home smart. 

As you grow, we expect you’ll discover more things you want to be a part of, in addition to the role you were hired for. We’d love for you to contribute to the codebase, discover what other teams are doing, and be part of future feature teams! 

Do you want more fun?  The cloud/backend team is also responsible for designing, developing, and deploying many of Home smart’s APIs (the heart of Home smart). These APIs face cloud, apps, our integration partners, and customer devices. 

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, we imagine you have the following skills. 

  • You have a strong sense of the importance of version control and using code to automate. We commit all our code to Git in a mix of GitHub and Gerrit. 
  • We’d like it if you're familiar with the cloud and the cloud mindset. Our primary cloud provider is AWS with some sprinkles of GCP and Akamai, but we believe the cloud mindset is transferable! 
  • You should know at least one automation suite as the heart of your preferred CI/CD pipeline. In the team, we prefer and are actively pursuing more automation in Github Actions, but at Home smart, we also have Jenkins and CodeBuild. 
  • We’d expect you to know at least one tool for IaC, e.g. Cloudformation, CDK, or Terraform. Right now, the team’s primary tool is SAM/CloudFormation but we are open-minded. 
  • We imagine you have strong scripting skills in bash or Python to automate your deployments 
  • Most of the cloud team’s backend code is in Javascript running on Node.js, but at Home smart, you will also find TypeScript, Python, and Go. It would be great if you’re skilled in Node.js.  

It will be a big plus if you...

  • Lean more towards Dev than Ops 
  • Are familiar with serverless architecture 
  • Are confident with using AWS API Gateway and have familiarity with OpenAPI 
  • Are confident with using AWS IoT, DynamoDB, and Lambda 
  • Are comfortable with globally distributed endpoints over Cloudfront and/or Akamai 
  • Have an understanding of IoT (protocols and the asynchronous nature of IoT systems) 
  • Have Docker familiarity 
  • Know Go programming language 

More Information

Does this sound like something you would love to be part of?

Please apply through the link with your CV and letter of motivation – in English.Please contact aorui.pu1@inter.ikea.com for more information about the recruitment process.